I need some help

I need some help

I need some help    13:19 on Wednesday, September 23, 2009          

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Posted by Bassoon27

Hi guys,

Let me introduce myself, I'm Martyn Booth from Wigan, England, UK

I have been played a bassoon 5 year but now I got new bassoon here make a Heckel system which bought from Gear4music in York, England. I decide want new bassoon back to shop because I don't feel right to playin' and too hard to hard it that right guys?.

I wonder if you guys or the expert or maybe professional, is I'm deaf and I really love music definitely but when my money back from 600 then I decide allocation laptop or motorbike 125cc or musical instrument easy for me, guys....I know it is easy only drum, guitar or keyboard?

Thank you for your help




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