Musical Instruments are gendered?

Musical Instruments are gendered?

Musical Instruments are gendered?    11:31 on Friday, October 02, 2009          

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Posted by VietViolin

Some college studies say that musical instrumenets are gendered.
You can search for the term on Google to see that yourself.
However, nobody says clearly each instrument's gender.
Is it the sexist way the Europeans look at objects or the Americans?
I am an Asian, and when I learnt English, I learnt "he, she, and it"
the way the Asian call people, animals and objects. Things have no sex.
Someone says piano is the king and violin is the queen in the concert.
However, there are many famous male and female pianists as well as
violinists. Are they straight or homosexual?
How do you look and see gender in piano, violin, guitar, and flute?
Does gendering musical instruments benefit your children in learning?

Re: Musical Instruments are gendered?    21:53 on Saturday, October 03, 2009          

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Posted by JOhnlovemusic

The gendering of instruments is a non-american thing. Some european languages will give gender to the flute and clarinet, but we don't really do that in the Americas. I believe Jose_luis had a little discussion on this about a year ago. Jose_luis is really up on the language thing with instruments, maybe he'll read this and comment on it.

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