PDF to Music Pro - great tool for playing PDF sheet music

PDF to Music Pro - great tool for playing PDF sheet music

PDF to Music Pro - great tool for playing PDF sheet music    19:12 on Saturday, December 05, 2009          

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Posted by chilinhhacker


The scores you created with your old score editor are no more compatible with the new one?

You own scores in PDF format, and you'd want to modify them with your favorite score editor?

Until now, the only solution was either to input your score again completely, or to print them and to use an optical recognition software to convert them, with more or less success, into editable documents.

This way of thinking now belongs to the past. From a document in PDF format (that you can generate from any software, even from discontinued products), PDFtoMusic Pro rebuilds the original score, and exports it for instance into MusicXML format, useable in most of the professional score editors.

Because it only processes PDF files that have been exported from a score editor software, PDFtoMusic Pro offers a unique reliability and outstanding results.
Therefore, scanned sheet music cannot be managed by PDFtoMusic Pro.

For more information, you can visit HERE


- My SkyDrive Folder


- Mediafire



- Unzip this file (You can use WinRAR)
- Run pdftomusicpro-install.exe to install PDF to Music Pro, but do not launch PDF to Music Pro when finish (uncheck the check box)
- Open crack folder, copy the file PDFToMusic Pro.exe, then replace with the original file in the program folder (C:\Program Files\PDFtoMusic Pro)
- Run PDF to Music Pro, use this key to register

Organization: Fick Dich
Serial code: ZP-A3423435T6K456HJJ45K6H459H4J56H3J4564J56345UI6

- Enjoy

Re: PDF to Music Pro - great tool for playing PDF sheet music    00:09 on Monday, January 25, 2010          

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Posted by tom-musicalboy


Hi there, for some reason it won't work for me..

First of all I need to say that I'm really bad with computers and stuff, so maybe I'm not doing something right (or maybe it's my computer..)

So to begin with I started to download the zipped file (I've tried both links), but when it finished (or just about to) a msg jumped (with a noise) and said that I can't open/use it (or something like that..).
What's the reason? I do have WinRAR, so I did choose to download it with the .rar thing..

Did I do the right things? Do I need to try anything else? Am I making any sense?

Please help me- I am desperate (I need to learn a new-written song for an audition on Saturday, and I don't play an instrument..) Ahhhhhhh..

Thanks forever..


p.s. if you know of any other software that can do the same job (i.e. play the notes on a pdf file) please let me know.. cheers


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