Please Help! V Chords and V7 Chords

Please Help! V Chords and V7 Chords

Please Help! V Chords and V7 Chords    14:57 on Monday, March 12, 2012          

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Posted by Corgicrazed

Hello All! I was wondering, what is the difference between V chords and V7 Chords? I keep getting mixed up between the two. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Please help!

Re: Please Help! V Chords and V7 Chords    01:34 on Saturday, March 17, 2012          

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Posted by JOhnlovemusic

If you are only talking about V and V7 chords remember the Letter is the scale degree the chord is built on and all chords are 3 notes. Any additional numbers next to the letter are added instructions to build on the basic 3 note chord.

EX: if you are in the key of F major. F is I, G is II, A is iii, Bb is IV, C is V, D is vi, E is vii. The fifth degree of the scale (V) is C. the V chord is C-E-G. If you want to make a V7 chord you add a fourth note C-E-G-Bb.

Sometimes you might also see "V/V7" which is secondary dominants. This is different than simple V and V7 chords. But just as easy. In this case you would take your original key, F; go to the V which is C, then go to C's V which is G and build a 7chord (G-B-D-F). Note even though Bb is in the key signature we make the V/V7 a major chord so must raise the Bb to B-natural to get our major chord.


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