BBb Contrabass Clarinet

BBb Contrabass Clarinet

BBb Contrabass Clarinet    01:44 on Sunday, June 17, 2012          

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Posted by nancylovesmusic

So, I'm selling this Clarinet.
And it's makes me really sad, but I'm making a huge move, and don't want to have to give it to a pawn shop because I want someone who will love it to have it.
Anyway, some info.
As the Title says, I have a contrabass clarinet, model 342.
Model 342 has all of the same playing characteristics as 340, but has a straight body and an extended range to low Eb.
It has a single automatic register key, the instrument in it's entirety, with the exception of the mouthpiece, is Nickel plated, providing a fuller sound than the model 340, which is made of plastic.
The clarinet that I am selling was made around 1973 and is in EXCEPTIONAL condition for being almost 40 years old. It plays beautifully.
It was originally bought for much more. I must stress that this instrument is in amazing condition for it's age.
The pictures are actual pictures of the one I own and am selling.
Email me for more pictures! Serious buyers only.
The only thing that's in bad shape about this is the handle on the case, but who's gonna notice that when you pull this beautiful instrument out.

I'm in Las Vegas, so if you're close you can come check it out. I will travel to Arizona, and California, but that's like.. as far as I can go. Thanks. !!!


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