Spanning network to fetch your gifts on time

Spanning network to fetch your gifts on time

Spanning network to fetch your gifts on time    02:11 on Tuesday, March 12, 2013          

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Posted by silaroy

The sole aim for has always been to serve you better. Timing of the delivery schedule is essential for online gift sending concerns, and to serve you better in terms of timing, we have categorized our delivery locations on the basis of the delivery day as well as on the types of gifts to be delivered. A click at will give you the details of the three-tier segmentation of our delivery locations, and Type A, Type B, Type C locations describe the major cities and metropolitans, minor towns, and the rest of the locations including smaller villages. The segmentation we have made on another basis, and that basis is on the types of the gifts. Its general practice that perishable item delivery is of first priority, and in case you prefer to send items like Flowers, Cakes, Fresh Fruits, Dry Fruits, Sweets and all perishable items and related Hampers to your loved ones, you can enjoy the same day delivery facility for the List A locations, and next day delivery facility for the Type B locations. For the items like Chocolates, Teddy Bear, Large Electronics & other related gift items that you have bought by visiting the respective links at to gift to your loved ones, again the same day delivery facility is there for the list A cities, 2-3 days from the date of order placement for the list B locations, and similar delivery pattern is followed for the Type C location as well. And for all the rest of the non-perishable gifts item delivery, the delivery schedule is a bit of difference than that of the previous cases. Here for Type A locations, you can have the hand delivery facility the day comes next with respect to your order placement, and for the Type B and C locations, we courier your ordered gift just the day you place your order, and the courier delivery may take another 2-3 days for delivering. Leading couriers like FEDEX, DTDC, Blue Dart has got strong business relations with us, and thatís the advantage that has, to deliver the ordered gift in the best possible shape.


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