Hello Trumpet! book released <TEST READERS WANTED>

Hello Trumpet! book released <TEST READERS WANTED>

Hello Trumpet! book released <TEST READERS WANTED>    07:13 on Saturday, March 16, 2013          

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Posted by TeusNobel

Dear musicfriends! We have some trumpeliscious news!

After an intensive period of research, designing, video sessions and lot’s of writing, James Dokes (Massive Creative) and myself are proud to have finished a complete starters guide to the trumpet called: HELLO TRUMPET – The easy starts guide to the trumpet.

Newly conceived finger-charts and images, a clear from-zero-to-effortless-playing plan, the first steps into improvisation, jazz and blues on your instrument and over 4 hours of clear and straight forward instructions video’s will enable you to find your way on the trumpet without stress or frustration.

Of course it’s hard to judge your own creation after spending so much time with it, which is why we are looking for…

…10 enthousiastic testreaders

As an official Hello Trumpet tester, you’ll receive the complete HELLO TRUMPET (downloadable content + video’s) for free. On top of that, We will throw in a free copy of my new jazz album ‘FLOW’.

If you’d like to participate, please sent as a short message with you’re your name and trumpet story so far to: service@hellotrumpet.com.

Then we will sent you the materials and a questionnaire.

Thank you very much in advance and we hope you will enjoy our new starters guide.

Best regards,

Teus Nobel & James Dokes



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