Haynes Open-Hole Pro Flute. Burkhart Head.

Haynes Open-Hole Pro Flute. Burkhart Head.

Haynes Open-Hole Pro Flute. Burkhart Head.    15:22 on Tuesday, November 10, 2015          

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I have this wonderful Haynes open-hole flute has in very good playing condition with Burkhart M2 head joint. $3,000.

For more information and photos please email bellandreedmusic@gmail.com or call (206) 212-0335. Flute can be mailed anywhere in the continental US. Also, you can copy and paste this link to the ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Haynes-Open-Hole-Deveau-Pro-Flute-Burkhart-Head-Call-206-212-0335-for-info-/301794897560?hash=item464460ae98:g:N7MAAOSwT5tWHXK7

I am willing to sell it now for a great price. If it doesn't sell soon, it will get a full mechanical overhaul at Bell & Reed Repair in Seattle, WA and will be valued at over $7,500 when it is complete.

Get this great piece now while the price is low. Have it overhauled by your favorite flute specialist and enjoy your investment for decades to come.

This flute is a beautiful player. It was built in 1993 in the Deveau scale and has excellent projection, intonation and tone. It has an inline G and B foot, and a gizmo key. This flute has seen much orchestral playing including the Gordeli, Chaminade and Mozart Concertos. The springs are nice and tight.

This 1993 Haynes is a heavy wall .018 tube, which has been a terrific match with the Lillian Burkhart medium wall .016 head. The heavy wall body for depth, overtones and projection combines with the medium wall head joint for response. The Burkhart head joint #1041, made in 2000, was fitted by a Haynes repairman and is a lovely fit. The M2 style has a very slight angle off the outside embouchure.

More about the Burkhart M2: "This unique style is Lillian Burkhart's most innovative. The air stream is quickly excited and the player achieves exceptional response and projection. The embouchure shape focuses the tone, resulting in an energetic and direct sound. This style provides a distinct resonating core throughout all three registers of the flute. The M2 model produces a robust tone and an unprecedented dynamic range." The value of the Burkhart M2 head joint alone is $1400.

The Haynes #49957 flute has been well maintained and has only slight normal wear. There is a minor ding on the back of the foot joint. The pads are in moderate shape. They definitely have time left, but the piece would greatly benefit both in performance and in value from a mechanical overhaul. The flute comes with a beautiful Haynes case and a custom fitted genuine leather case cover made by Lonesome Charlie's, with a good zipper and tab.


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