Confidence issues - Help?

Confidence issues - Help?    05:29 on Wednesday, February 15, 2017          

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Posted by samuri

I seem to have a strange issue that I'm hoping someone might have some tips for.
I've been learning the piano for around a year now and I am pleased with my progress. I have had lessons for a few months too but they are currently on hold. I generally practise on an electronic piano with headphones in to avoid forcing my family to hear the same sections over and over again. I generally practice about an hour a day.

At Christmas I decided I would learn a piece and play it for my wife on Valentines day, I can play the piece well enough now and have played it hundreds of times now so felt it would be fine. Unfortunately on the day, I completely fluffed it. Couldn't remember any of the notes, messed it up entirely. Even with the music in front of me, just couldn't play it properly. Sat down at the piano this morning, played it perfectly. This is in front of a woman I've known for 27 years!
Clearly nerves, however this is not an uncommon problem. When I used to visit my teacher, I would mess up simple pieces I play at home fine all the time.
It even goes beyond people actively listening, if I try and record something, I can't play it properly. It's bizarre.
I'm assuming this is all a confidence thing but I'm not clear how to get round it.

Any tips?

For context, away from the piano I'm a normally confident person, don't have problems engaging with people, I'm very confident in my job. i just don't get why this is an issue for me.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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