Battery Problem for 485041-001

Battery Problem for 485041-001    16:25 on Monday, November 5, 2018          

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Posted by KuldeepM


I have a laptop HP 485041-001

, the original charger does not work, but the battery is good (thankfully), she is almost a year.

I found saturn planet universal charger: "hama" model achg-07: 100v-240v, 1.6A max, output: 19v / 4.7A, 120w max!
the original charger is Dell PA-10 family, model DA90PS0-00, 100v-240v, 1.5A, output: 19.5v / 4.62A, the power is not indicated but I guess it's 90 W.
The battery 485041-001 HP, rating 10.8V. (I think I gave everything as elements)

When I turn on the pc, I have a message saying "power adapter not recognized", in short it sees that the charger n is not original (they are brooms at dell anyway, I think!),
so it works on sector but the problem is that the battery does not load with this transformer!

I would like to know if it is an option or a setting in the pc, or a question of power or amperage but I find the similar feature, no ???

someone has an idea, a solution?


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