NEWBIE Here: re CHOPIN Nocturne Op9/2 PDF

NEWBIE Here: re CHOPIN Nocturne Op9/2 PDF    20:49 on Friday, September 11, 2020          

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Posted by VictorKennedy

I've just signed up for an account this morning, and am looking through some of the Chopin pieces available.

I like the fact there are YouTube clips of people playing some of the pieces, as it's good to see how the pros play things. I love Nocturne Op.9/2 but notice that the provided PDF Score doesn't seem to have the full piece. In the supplied YouTube of Tiffany Poon playing, we hear / see the great "change" at around 1-minute 42-secs > 1-minute 47-seconds, but this isn't on the PDF score as far as I can see. The part is heard several times in the fuller versions of this piece.

I'm certainly no fantastic pianist, but I just don't see that section in the provided score, and it's the part of the song that I really love...I have it on an MP3 player by my bed, and that change, (is it going through a 7th progression ,maybe?) is FANTASTIC and to me is a major attraction of the piece, and one reason I want to learn how to play this piece of music.

I'll be very happy if someone can let me know if I'm missing something here, or wher to find the score part of this.

I paid up with the annual fee expecting that the full scores would be available...maybe I'm missing something?

All help appreciated...Cheers, Victor Kennedy


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