Jazz Improvising

Jazz Improvising

Jazz Improvising    11:48 on Friday, January 28, 2005          
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Hey i suck at improvising can u help me, but first let me tell u about myself, maybe thats the problem.

can u pass me a straw???

Im in high school and all of the guys in band are ugly and untalented (if that`s a word). So i need somebody to look at that`s not ugly. call me 867-5309.

If you really know who`s writing this (duh). Then you should call me on my cell phone. which nathalie doesn`t have because shes gonna call me every f*@#in second of the day. just kidding but ur still not getting my number unless u play the saxaphone.

my cousin has no teeth his name is brian and everyone wants to go out with him. even my sister gina does. even brian`s brother anthony.

i really cousin anthony even though he`s a fruit cake/pie g(a/e/i/o/u)y. he went out with my brother jerry (he`s black). our family is biracial and we`re mormans so u can date more than one person. and date a variety of people.

I go out with my sister gina, my brother jerry, my cousin brian, by 5th cousin twice removed my his mother`s 10th ex-husband`s 7th daugther`s husband, Harry.

i really really like my semi-greek roman jew jamison, cuz he`s from north carolina. i met him on a cruise to china from iraq.

my stupid cousin dropped a marker in the tuba.

i want to see hide and seek with robert deniro.

and roberto is my other deformed cousin i went out with. he moved to puerto rico. he was in a song w/ christina aguilera. and my friend`s sister stefanie pour peeps sugar on him after she dated him. :O OMG!!!

don`t u think my cousin brian is hot?


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