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Posted by musicman

Alright, so I am looking to get another set of cup and straight mutes. I already have the stoneline mutes, and they just don't fit what sound a few of the pieces that I'm playing require. I'm looking for something with a brassy sound.
I forgot exactly what the copper bottom on the mutes do--if I remember correctly they make the sound warmer??? ---correct me please if I'm wrong on that.

So my main question is, what would be the brand that you'd recommend the most?
I've looked at Jo-Ral, Tom-Crown, Denis Wick, even Bach has a metal straight mute.

But which brand do you have and has fulfilled your expectations?


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Posted by Steve

Most of my mutes are either Jo Ral or Dennis Wick. I'd say over all Jo Ral gets my vote, especially for the straight mute. I really love the sound of that one.
No matter what you buy, don't throw away the ones you have. There will come a day when you will want that sound.
Believe me, over time, you will accumulate quite a collection of mutes, especially if you are a doubler.
Oh.. one more thing.. a pet peeve of mine, not saying you'd do this, but you made me think of it...
Those adjustable cup mutes are NOT supposed to be a combo mute. The cup is adjustable to change the sound, but it was not meant to remove the cup portion and be used as a straight mute. Ugh...

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Posted by Carter6

well my in put
Jo-Ral for harmon mute
Tom Crown for Straight
and Denis Wick for cup
thats my setup and works perfectly.

just try them all out before you buy them and see which ones you like best.


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