5 minute homemade mute

5 minute homemade mute

5 minute homemade mute    18:22 on Saturday, February 07, 2009          

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Posted by jRent2011

This serves absolutely no musical purpose except for when you're bored and want to make some interesting sounds.

Supplies needed:
3 oz. plastic bathroom cup (Paper may work but I don't think you'll get the same effect)
2 tissues ripped up into medium size shreds.
2 quarters or nickels may work too
scotch tape
any type of knife to poke whole the the cup
pencil or similar sized stick

Step 1: Take your plastic cup and put a small hole in the bottom of it right in the middle with a knife. Push the sharp edges so they're pointing out the bottom, not into the cup.

Step 2: Place your 2 quarters or nickels into the bottom of the cup over the hole you just made. They should be sitting flat.

Step 3: Take your tissue shreds and gently pack them into the plastic cup, making sure the quarters stay in direct contact with the bottom of the cup (It's okay if the quarters slide around so they're not centered on the hole, just make sure there's no tissue between them and the bottom of the cup).

Step 4: Place strips of scotch tape over the top of the cup to hold the tissue shreds in place. The top of the cup should be completely covered with tape. Now take your knife and poke 2-4 holes through the tape.

Step 5: Take your pencil or similar sized stick and poke it through the edge of the tape and line it up with the inside edge of the cup and tape it in place as well as you can.

To use: Hold onto the pencil and put the end with the cup on it into your bell until it almost completely blocks your bell, not completely though. If you assembled it correctly, the bottom of the cup should be facing the inside of your bell (towards the tuning slide end) and the opening of the cup which is sealed over with tape should be facing outwards.

I'm incredibly bored so I'll try to make up some more simple ones and post them up. Have fun making interesting sounds.


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