Traveling solution for trombone

Traveling solution for trombone

Traveling solution for trombone    20:45 on Tuesday, September 29, 2009          

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Posted by Avi

Does anyone know of a soft type of case that could fit around a standard hard case? The case has to be sturdy but padded as it gets knocked around on busses and trains daily but it should be a backpack style that can easily be worn when walking as opposed to carried.

Re: Traveling solution for trombone    13:11 on Thursday, October 01, 2009          

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Posted by Le_Tromboniste

Not sure I read the question right, but anyhow, for backpack configured cases, Protec (less durable but cheaper), Bam 'Softpack', Marcus Bonna.

I was looking for a case recently and tried the Bam and MB. Problem with the Bam is that it's quite heavy, and anybody taller than 5'5'' or so will have the bell right behind his head, which is not really comfortable. It also doesn't have much storage room. I'm going with a Marcus Bonna as soon as my local music store receives their next order. I hear the newer Protec cases are sturdier than before, but still not as good as Bam or MB. My actual case is an old Protec and...well, it's heavy even if there is virtually no padding. Its just a wooden case covered with nylon. It's not even backpack configured, but the new ones are. Now it's coming apart fast - the whole back pannel was crunched in the plane coming back from touring Germany this summer. A huge luck my horn is all righ.


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