Building Range

Building Range

Building Range    18:12 on Saturday, December 03, 2011          

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Posted by TheTromboneGuy

Im new to this website, just so i could create this thread.

Now, I have been playing this instrument for 3 years right now, and i can currently hit a High Eb, the one thats above the 2 ledger lines, i think it might be 7 or 5 or 6 above the staff, not sure right now, but you probably know what i mean.

The lowest I can play is a pedal note in 7th postition.

I have not had any lessens from instructers, but i practice everyday, because if I dont, I feel like there is somebody out there that is, and is getting better than me.

I would like to know some suggestions on getting higher notes to come out. I would love to reach 7 octaves by the time im 18, im 13 right now. So i would like to have tips from your life, that helped you get lower than the first pedal thing you can play (the one below your fundimentals or whatever) and how to get some of those notes that sound like your screaming to come out. Tell me whats worked for you. :D

Re: Building Range    14:02 on Monday, December 05, 2011          

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Posted by mad_cow

well it sounds like you have a good range already. I'd hate to tell you but a 7 octave range is a bit unnecessary. 5 octaves is a bit more realistic.
if you want to play higher. the secret is to use faster air with a smaller aperture (circle that your lips make in the center of your emesure)Do this without adding presure to your face. a technique you could use is to play a high c in 6th position and gliss up to the high f in first. focus on speeding up the air and focusing your aperture as you move up the slide. to extend your range lower, use the same concepts but in the opposite direction.
keep in mind that playing high dosent make you a good player. you should focus more on your tone and flexibility in all ranges and not just extending them


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