Trombone in Treble Clef?

Trombone in Treble Clef?

Trombone in Treble Clef?    21:14 on Sunday, May 27, 2012          

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Posted by Derek13

I'm newish to trombone (two years) and recently learned the second octave Bb. I was just wonder since its so high is it a half step from middle C or and octave lower? Is it possible to get high enough that you go into Treble Clef on trombone?

Re: Trombone in Treble Clef?    17:20 on Monday, June 04, 2012          

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Posted by bassoon24

on a second octave Bb, it is not really necessary to go into treble, tenor, or alto.
when it gets high (around maybe....G and above), you go into alto or tenor


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