My Son- New Trombonist

My Son- New Trombonist

My Son- New Trombonist    14:40 on Wednesday, August 22, 2018          

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Posted by John-S

Hi- My son started Middle School this year and last night had tryouts for Beginner Band. Long story short, he got some good sound on trombone and- surprisingly- French horn; of course he chose the trombone because the horn 'looked complicated' :D

I'm a sax player from my High School days (more years back than I care to remember) but, other than reading music, I'm at a loss how to help him at home with this. I can drill him on slide positions and reading the music itself, but as far as embouchure and sound production I've no clue, never having tried it myself. (Although, I confess to having delusions of grandeur teaching myself to play the French horn just for the challenge of it.)

Is there a solid resource online for this, somewhere we could both look to for tips and advice? I want to give him the best start I can, of course, but I'm in need of direction myself! Thanks in advance for any tips and/or advice ~


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