trombone cd`s mp3

trombone cd`s mp3

trombone cd`s mp3    14:56 on Thursday, March 6, 2003          
(Karel van Lin)
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Hello Trombonists,

I`m a first year conservatory student trombone classic and I search other fanatic trombonists who also have a lot of trombone music.

Shall we then share this music? By making mp3`s of it and then exchange through mail.

for example do you have:

Trombone concerto Henri Tomassi,
Cavatine - Saint Saens
music of Michel Bequet, Lindberg, Lindsay Shilling, joseph alessi etc.

We can also exchange sheet music (trombone excercises and concertos)

I hope I find somebody to exchange with!


Karel van Lin - The Netherlands

Re: trombone cd`s mp3    20:33 on Thursday, April 3, 2003          
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I`ve got some Lindberg with piano accompaniment and for a girl I don`t know I might just be able to make some mp3`s.


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