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Re: Sojing Violins

Re: Sojing Violins    12:15 on Thursday, December 01, 2005          
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orite oops cz i just bought one, im trying to cancel the order quickly. i was interested in the yamaha range but do you recomend any others in a $200-$300 price range

Re: Sojing Violins    16:02 on Saturday, December 03, 2005          
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i just got one and at the price of Ģ80 big jump between that and a $300 dollar one if you are a beginner i say rent one or buy cheap to see if you will stick at it ebay shops are excellant for violins for more specialist see a proper dealer xx

sojing violin    02:04 on Sunday, December 04, 2005          
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I, too, am looking to purchase an electric violin, for my son. Any information about recommended, and reasonably priced, brands would be much appreciated!

Re: Sojing Violins    06:46 on Wednesday, December 14, 2005          
(Louie Louie)
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I just got one of these and have no idea how to play it. I used to play the acoustic violin when I was a lot younger...but the bow for this violin needs a lot of rosin, and the rosin is too hard....merr

got one too    17:39 on Thursday, December 15, 2005          
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I got one on Monday. This puppy won`t stay in tune at all...highly annoying. I sanded down the tuning pegs so that they fit into the holes on both sides, this seemed to help a bit. Playing one string at a time is a challenge as well. I`m trying out different positions of the strings on the bridge to try to help that. Definately an entrance level instrument, I think that with about a months worth of practice, I`ll be upgrading to a base model Yamaha. It`s cheap enough for me to get a feel whether or not I`ll be able to do it though.

sojing violins    21:34 on Thursday, December 29, 2005          
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I just recieved one for christmas, I have a very nice acoustic that I love, but am having difficulty with the sojing. does sanding the pegs really help? also what about the bridge? I can`t get it to stay while I tune it. d

soijing cello    15:02 on Tuesday, January 03, 2006          
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hello, i am interested in buying an electric cello.. it seems they are much harder to find than violins (bah) and also more expensive... do you think the soijing cello would have the same problems you are discussing about the violin.. is it better to save up for a Yamaha??

Sojing Electric Violin    21:19 on Friday, January 06, 2006          
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Hi I`m from Chile and I ordered a Sojing Electric Violin from eBay about 6 months ago...

It`s not the greatest instrument, but it`s not so bad. I don`t know why I DONīT have any problems tunning it, in fact it remains in tune for long time periods (It had 4 microtunners).

I was looking in internet and I found something interesting: There are 2 sojing electric violins: One of plastic, one of wood. My violin is made completely of wood, maybe this make it a little better. Also the price of mine violin was different, about 85 dollars, and the others sojings were about 40 dollars. Maybe there the difference. The built-in amplifier sounds horrible, I prefer to practice without it, because is loud enough to hear it. But a good alternative is also conect the violin with the regular output to an amplifier and then connect headphone with the amplifier...

Altough practicing with it will never replace the normal violin, it`s very helpful when you don`t want to be heard... It`s better that not to practice.

PD: Sorry for my bad english

Re: Sojing Violins    18:29 on Sunday, January 08, 2006          
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Well I picked up a far the bow is crap... but willing to use the violin a bit... I played for 10 years starting with Suziki method going into playing in orchestras...and ending learning a quebecois style of fiddling... Now that I get off my ass and started playing again 10 years later almost..I wanted to start cheap... This violin is ok for practicing..but I remember my old classic violin (early 20th russian)that got stolen`!!! and I frown at the sound. I`m wondering is the pickup good enough to use classic strings...these wire/stell core strings hmmm`...

   20:46 on Thursday, February 02, 2006          

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Posted by vlnchick

hmm, I am a classical violinist and I was considering a sojing for the price, it wasn`t to be my main instrument and since I just spent 20,000 on a new acoustic my parents don`t want me to spend a lot, but with all the mixed reviews, I have decided to wait and now ask whether any of you have a prefrence for a Zeta, Fender, or Yamaha and what your experiences are with them or with other electric vlns.

   01:06 on Friday, February 03, 2006          

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Posted by Scotch

Re: "In response to your other question, playing fretless bass may be helpful in learning the left hand placement on the violin, but the real challenge is learning to control a bow. Unfortunately there`s no shortcut to that."

Since the violin hand spans a perfect fourth whereas the bass hand spans a major second or minor third (depending on the size of your bass`s neck and your playing technique--bass guitar technique, in contradistinction to string bass technique, is not standardized) and since the violin is tuned in perfect fifths, whereas the bass is tuned in perfect fourths, I doubt very much it would be "helpful in learning left hand placement". If anything, it`ll probably make left hand placement more difficult. On the, at least you`ve learned--presumably--to rely on your ear. That`s something.

Re: Sojing Violins    05:36 on Thursday, April 13, 2006          

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Posted by Skull_auC

People, who can tell me where I can buy a cheap e-violine? I mean except ebay :D
Maybe someone knows some online shops or cheap normal shops in west germany (in der Naehe von Frankfurt/Main)?
I would really appreciate it if You write me: or

Re: Sojing Violins    10:31 on Saturday, April 15, 2006          

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Posted by hapamike

Has anybody bought a Sojing violing at a store? Or can you only order them online? I live in New York City and really want to just pick one up. I know the quality isn't great but I just want to get back into the habit of playing again without spending too much of an initial investment. I plan on upgrading to a better violin later. But... where can I pick one up!?!? I went to Sam Ash but they don't carry sojings. Any helpe would be apprecaited!


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