Anime or video games music

Anime or video games music

Anime or video games music    05:24 on Tuesday, August 16, 2005          
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I`d really LOVE to learn some music from animes or video games. Or some films. For hints on the sort of music I`d like, I`m an 11 year old girl, hate girly stuff, prefer Star Wars, that sort of thing. Something exciting. Either on violin or guitar. I don`t have much music that you`d be interested in, so if you`d be willing to give me some for free, that`s be great but I have a simplified version somewhere of `My heart will go on`. I learnt it when I was like 7, so it obviously isn`t the full thing. But it is a lovely tune. And I`m searching the web for some cool music too, so I should have summat good soon.

Here are some of the pieces I`m DESPERATELY trying to get hold of:
Legend of Zelda (Old or new)
Mario (As in Nintendo Mario. Old or new)
Smash Bros Melee (Any of the tunes from that)
Star Wars (LOVE Star wars)
Avril lavigne
Pokemon (Animes of a similar sort)

Stuff like that.

Re: Anime or video games music    14:51 on Tuesday, August 23, 2005          
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Wow, that is great that you want to learn to play the theme from Zelda. I see that it is on the top of your list.

It is a bit coincidental because my ten year old daugter was asking me about nintendo games that I used to play when I was small and I took her to a Zelda website. It is actually and on it, they have a place where you can listen to the songs from the original game.

I`ve been playing since I was 2 years old. I am 31 now. My advice to you is to keep listening to what you like. Listen through earphones as much as you can. Play it back. Play it with the sound files. Listen, play, listen and play, or play alone.

Good luck!


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