New violin; need help

New violin; need help

New violin; need help    14:28 on Thursday, December 29, 2005          
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I used to play violin as a kid but for some reason I got out of it. This past Christmas I got a violin as a gift. But, I need some help. I need to tune it but I cannot get the bridge in place without fearing that I am going to snap the strings. When I tighen the strings, the knobs do not stay I just not doing it enough? Also, no matter how much rosin I use, I still get a blurry, whispering noise when the strings are stroked with the bow. What can I do to fix these problem? Thank you so much.

Re: New violin; need help    15:34 on Thursday, December 29, 2005          
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Try tightening the strings to `slack` and fitting the bridge under them - then tighten once at a time from there. If shoving the pegs in pretty far doesn`t keep them in, look for peg drops or rub a little graphite on them to make them stay. If that doesn`t work, maybe they need to be refit. And you`d be surprised how much rosin you need to put on a new bow before it can make a sound. Just keep applying, and you`ll get a note (when the strings are strung properly). Good luck!

Re: New violin; need help    11:11 on Wednesday, January 04, 2006          
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If the pegs will not stay tight, you can use peg dope on them, but I would recommend getting the pegs and pegholes adjusted by a violin maker. Most of the time on cheaper violins, they sorta get it close, but the tapers have to match exactly. You need to charge your bow with rosin. Take a sharp tool and scratch the rosin cake surface until you get a lot of little flakes and powder. The touch the bow to it, repeating as many times as needed to cover the entire length of hair. Then scrub the bow on the rosin cake, like doing a saw-stroke, short-short-long-long, etc., repeatedly up and down the bow until you feel it drag. Once the bow is charged, the strings will also have to accumulate a little rosin on them toget a solid sound. Make sure the bow is tight enough, too. You should be able to adjust your bridge ever-so-slightly under string tension, once you get it set close under slackened strings. Make sure the bridge remains perpendicular to the top and staright in its vertical plane. If it bows, it may break or fall over.

Don`t apply graphit on the pegs    09:56 on Sunday, January 08, 2006          
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Don`t apply graphit on the pegs. It makes things worse.
Graphit is used as lubrication.
You may ask a locksmith for verification on that matter.

Don`t apply rosin on the pegs, ether. The pegs will then stuck there.

Re: New violin; need help    07:13 on Friday, February 03, 2006          

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Posted by Scotch

Supposedly if your bridge falls your soundpost may as well, and that`s not a good thing at all. Don`t risk it; have your bridge adjusted by a professional.

Re: New violin; need help    09:35 on Sunday, February 05, 2006          

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Posted by Raphael

Regular body soap works well on pegs, that`s what I have, and it works for me. Also, the strings have thread wrapped around them so they won`t get all messed up with the soap.

Re: New violin; need help    10:16 on Wednesday, February 08, 2006          

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Posted by violasurvey

How much did your violin cost, or what "brand" is it?

If the bridge is shifting all over the place, you may have one that was never fitted. In that case you would need to see a Geigenbaumeister to have it set up. Unless you are like me and upt to the challenge of learning how to do that stuff yourself.


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