New Tartini rosin

New Tartini rosin

New Tartini rosin    23:29 on Sunday, July 16, 2006          

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Posted by ChineseViolins

You must have heard of the Tartini rosin before, but this rosin has stopped being manufactured as the raw material was cut off by the supplier. The manufacturer of the Tartini rosin has developed the New tartini rosin independently with a completely different recipe from the Tartini rosin, but exhibiting the same high quality corresponding to it The manufacturer is introducing the new rosins to the market under a brand name, New TARTINI.

The New Tartini rosin is made by the same manufacturer of the Tartini rosin and it has proven very good after testing by a first violinist here with a violin made by me and with a bow made by a bow maker who is my friend.

There are 3 kinds of New tartini rosins:

* Con Brio Light and graceful tone. The property of sticking together of G and D string is so excellent that it will be able to bring a charming and graceful resonant sound echoing back to us, especially in high-pitched tones or a note in the high key. In its entirety, it shall help performers display their dazzling artistic flair and elegance with brilliant timbre exhibiting bright yet flowing passionate tone. Maybe it will go along well with Mazartís Divertimento or Vivaldiís The Four Seasons.

* Maestoso It creates a hefty sound deep in tone. Resonance is smooth and well-rounded and mellow producing a full, rich sound. With its elegant and gracious sound gaining depth, it will get well harmonized with such pieces as Vitaliís Chaconne or Bachís solo violin sonatas or Sarasateís Zegeunerweisen, and the likes.

* Con Amore It generates a serious tone of thick quality, yet presenting us much tender and mild feeling. It sounds so pleasant and bowing becomes much silkier. This will be well matched with Beethovenís violin romance or pieces of ballet music by Tchaikovsky.

However, you may accept it differently according to your instrument or your preference.

I am proud to be a distributor of the New Tartini rosin. I am recommending the New Tartini rosin to you. Please let me know if you are interested in it.

Re: New Tartini rosin    11:44 on Thursday, October 12, 2006          

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Posted by thestringcentre

Yes, I am interested. We sold the Tartini before it was pulled, and do very well with the Andrea rosins also.

I need more info and prices.


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