I`m confused with playing with metronome

I`m confused with playing with metronome

I`m confused with playing with metronome    21:49 on Thursday, January 08, 2009          

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Posted by Cutebublebear


This is my 2nd year of playing violin and i'm so terrible with rythmn. So my teacher suggest i should get a metronome. So now I've been trying to practice with a metronome but, i just find it soo challenging and confusing. I don't seem to play with it, rather i am before of after it, and when its like something more complex say like a quarter note i'm not sure how to play it using metronome..

It seems simple but i just don't get it..

Re: I`m confused with playing with metronome    14:32 on Friday, January 09, 2009          

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Posted by Stevieic

Playing with a metronome can be a pain at first, but it is a wonderful tool. When you said you were playing before or after it, that is because you are not playing at a steady time, the metronome will help you get that timing. Start out slowly, and with scales. Practice playing your scales in time with the metronome, then as you get the hang of it, speed it up. I dont know if you have an oldschool one or a digital. If it is digital (I used Dr. Beat), then i would reccommend hooking it up to an amp or a set of headphones so you can hear it better. After you get good with it playing scales, move on to the piece of music. I am sorry but I can't really think of a better way to put it than that, and I hope this helped a little.

I am assuming that you know the mathmatics behind music, and how to subdivide. I am sorry but I can't even begin to explain all that in an online forum =/


Re: I`m confused with playing with metronome    15:44 on Friday, January 09, 2009          

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Posted by rain-leila

Hi cutebublebear~
I have the same problem with u! Today is my 5th day practise with metronome. The first day I was also either too early or too late with it. But gradually, the situation is better.
The first day I used it, I adjust the speed to 60 and just play the open string and some very easy etudes with simple rhythm(I only learned for one month), then after maybe several times I was very familiar with the rhythm at 60 and I formed a feeling of beats in my heart. Then I fix the speed to quicker lever step by step.
That's my method of practise with it, hope it will help~~

Re: I`m confused with playing with metronome    00:27 on Sunday, January 11, 2009          

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Posted by Chiei-chan

Hi, first, nice to meet ya. I'm Bella, 13th years old. I'm a first grade violin player(I repeated my class :p) and also, I really, really, and really confuse about rhyme. Times I did wrong. But now, I almost got it. yesterday I practice my violin and I putted some rhyme (I have never ever did that. I only copy the sound). I didn't bought any metronome cuz' it's very expensive for me. So I used my foot to created the beats. and I did it. My advise: just be happy no worry if you did wrong and concentrate. My teacher said that rhyme is very important. So, let's work on it, shall we? Fight!

Re: I`m confused with playing with metronome    17:32 on Wednesday, January 14, 2009          

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Posted by arabians207

It will take some work to get used to, but after you learn how to use it it can be a HUGE help and let you learn things not only correctly, but also faster.

I play with a metronome a TON (and my poor metronome gets so beat up.. it falls off my stand a lot and sometimes practicing it school its fallen off onto the tile floor. I'm surprised it actually still works after a few times of that)

It will definitely be helpful so get used to playing with it. Just start with something slow, and something you know how to play already

Re: I`m confused with playing with metronome    22:42 on Saturday, January 24, 2009          

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Posted by theTromboni

Are you totally familiar with how subdivision works? Like two half notes in a whole note, two quarter notes in a half note, etc? Because that is how rhythm works. Generally speaking, you should set the metronome's beat for the quarter note, so something in 4/4 time would have 4 beats per measure. I reccommend starting the netronome at about 90, and playing a scale such as D major where each note gets one beat of the metronome, or a quarter note. Subdivision is the key to good music, and it's about feeling the beat. In modern music, the underlying beat is very prominent; it's what you tap your foot to.

Re: I`m confused with playing with metronome    15:11 on Thursday, January 29, 2009          

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Posted by missp

Yes i had the same problem with the metronome, eventually threw it in the bin and resorted to foot tapping!!! I was told not to get too hung up on it but just to "play the music" interesting advice and also useless it has to be said, but it did actually work for me! xo


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