Playing at a wedding?

Playing at a wedding?

Playing at a wedding?    21:51 on Tuesday, January 13, 2009          

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Posted by arabians207

So violin is not (anymore) my main instrument (flute), but I am pretty good at it (according to everyone else, lol) and I play at church somewhat often.. just because everyone loves it so much. I've played violin seriously for about 6 years and quit last summer to focus on flute.

Anyway, so my pastor recommended me as a violinist to play at a wedding in June and I'm "auditioning" for them this Sunday. They are going to come listen to our service and hear me play since I'm on the worship team. I mostly play just the chord notes with most songs since most don't have sheet music, but I will either play a solo for the offerings time.. (probably the Haydn in G major which was my solo last year for All-State auditions and Solo Ensemble) during church, or just play that for them afterwards..

How much should I charge? I've never played at a wedding before, and I'm a junior in high school if that makes a difference I want to know whats an average price as I don't think they really know whats appropriate, nor do I lol.

Also any other ideas on what to play Sunday? I don't think that solo is very "churchy" and its going to be really awkward playing it with no pianist but everyone besides me probably wouldn't care lol. I did play the Haydn at church before in Mayish but with a recording of the piano part.. but i hated it cause it goes just a tad too fast and i've played my violin literally 3 times since june so its not going to get much better in 5 days..i also don't really want to be playing something new, but I need something that shows I can actually play..


Re: Playing at a wedding?    23:59 on Tuesday, January 13, 2009          

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Posted by TheStringKing

You can charge in one of two ways hourly or a flat rate. If you charge hourly you should charge between $60-$80. A flat rate might be $200-300. You could always ask the hostess how much they're looking to spend since it's a personal occasion with people you know. Repretoire I would say Canon in D or Air on the G string. There are many different pieces you could choose from. I hope that helps

Re: Playing at a wedding?    10:47 on Monday, January 19, 2009          

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Posted by VioLin6

I'm expecting to play violin at my niece's wedding. What songs are you playing? I'm looking for the sheet music (easy) The Wedding Song:There is Love. Would you have the sheet music you can share? Thanks and good luck at your audition!


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