Ivan Dunov VL140 or Meisel

Ivan Dunov VL140 or Meisel

Ivan Dunov VL140 or Meisel    21:09 on Thursday, August 13, 2009          

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Posted by Gravesen

Hi everyone,
I want to start learning to play violin, but I found a couple of different violins on craigslist that I can't decide between; so, which do you think would be better?

1) 2004 Ivan Dunov VL140 - $375 OBO

"This European made violin is in perfect working order. There's some very light signs of wear, but overall is in great condition. It's currently strung up with Corelli Crystal strings and an ebony tailpiece with a single fine tuner, and it sounds an plays beautifully. It comes with a hygrometer-equipped case, brazilwood bow, Kun shoulder rest, Super Sensitive rosin, carrying straps, case key and an extra Wittner composite tailpiece with four fine tuners. If there's any areas you'd like to see photographed, let me know." I have yet to see this one in person, but it looks good in the pics.

2) Meisel - $500 OBO

I can't tell you alot about this one. The serial # is 47945. it was made in Germany, but i cant read the name of the maker. it has a hygrometer equipped case aswell. is missing a string but other than that it looked, sounded, and felt realy nice. i think it had two bows if i remember correctly.

Any help deciding will be much apriciated.

Re: Ivan Dunov VL140 or Meisel    02:00 on Wednesday, August 19, 2009          

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Posted by EricHill

If you you're a beginner you wont have the experience to understand the differences between them. So take the first one, because its cheaper, also make sure you actually see the violin and try it out before you buy it.

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Re: Ivan Dunov VL140 or Meisel    17:33 on Wednesday, August 19, 2009          

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Posted by Seunviolin

Good talks from the last writer, the best thing you can consider in Violin is the wood, the ability of the wood to resonate sound.
That is what matters most, the other accessories you`ve mentioned are just additional element to the production.
Once the wood is well carved, and well seasoned, then go for it.

German violins are quite good, you can take along a good violin player to differentiate sound quality for you.
Best of luck.


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