Palladio in 10 months?

Palladio in 10 months?

Palladio in 10 months?    06:30 on Wednesday, May 30, 2012          

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Posted by beckyboo

Hi all,
I have recently acquired an electric violin and am just starting out with lessons, so am very new to the instrument. My predicament is that I am getting married at the end of next March and my fiance and I would very much like to play Karl Jenkins 'Palladio' (the Escala version) together on violin at the wedding. He is also a beginner on the violin. He is a very accomplished guitarist and I also play the bass guitar, so we have experience of playing stringed instruments, but am not sure how much this will transpose onto violin. So my question is, if we learn Palladio parrot fashion, just working through note for note and dealing with techniques as and when they arise, what are our chances of being able to play it reasonably by next March? Obviously it depends how much practice we put in, but is it any kind of realistic possibility? Any advice/thoughts appreciated!

Re: Palladio in 10 months?    10:04 on Wednesday, June 27, 2012          

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Posted by j_lee

Are you learning violin with a violin teacher or from online resources? It depends a whole lot on that.

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