Best vibrato tutorial?

Best vibrato tutorial?

Best vibrato tutorial?    12:10 on Saturday, January 12, 2013          

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Posted by MutatedGamer

I've been playing violin for a little under a year. I'm fairly okay, but I don't know how to vibrato at all. When I try to watch videos, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. What's the best vibrato tutorial I can read/watch?

Re: Best vibrato tutorial?    18:49 on Friday, February 01, 2013          

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Posted by CowgirlTough

I am in your same spot! I've been playing about 10 months and I took lessons about 7 of those months but I dropped out because I didn't like the way my lessons went. My teacher made me memorize every song I ever had to play, and all she had me play was classical music, but I wanted to play a variety of stuff, but she wanted me to get past the beginner stage. Because I had to memorize everything, I wasn't going far, but she was a strict teacher and helped me out, but it wasn't worth it for the money that was going into the lessons. Anyways, I asked her about vibrato, and she told me I could try it, but it comes naturally. I've watched videos on YouTube too without much luck, but I've been trying to do it, and it's kind of getting better. The only thing I'm worried about, is learning it wrong, and having to break my bad habits if I am learning it wrong. So if anyone could help me, too, that'd be great


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