Beginner choosing Gliga, please help!

Beginner choosing Gliga, please help!

Beginner choosing Gliga, please help!    22:06 on Saturday, July 12, 2014          

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Posted by HelenH


I've read some of your posts about choosing a violin for beginners. It seems that there's a common agreement on the good qualities of a Gliga violin. I would like to get one for my husband, who will be an absolute beginner, as a surprise. Unfortunately, a gliga gama is way out of my budget. But, I read that Liz recommended Gliga Gem 2 and that's closer to what I can spend. I found this model on Amazon and I am not sure if that's a good source to buy from.

This is the package Amazon has:
-Made in Europe- 4/4 Full size - Case, Bow, Shoulder Rest, and Tuner included
•Flamed Back, Sides and neck - Carpathian Resonance Spruce Top Plate
•Naturally Dried Sycamore Maple Back Plate, Neck and Ribs
•Hand Finished, Hand Crafted Oil Varnishing, Shop Setup, Grade A Ebony Fittings
•Inlaid Purfling; Professional Fully Set-Up; Ready To Play

Please help by advising if this is a good choice. There are other options too on Amazon. Thanks! -Helen

Re: Beginner choosing Gliga, please help!    22:56 on Thursday, February 19, 2015          

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Posted by rexcalhoone

I purchased the genial 1 from gliga I've been learning on my own since there are no violin teachers in the area I live. (Alberta, Canada). About 6 months in (learning) took it to an violin shop on a trip to the city (Edmonton), I asked this older gentleman(35 years experience making and repairing musical instruments) there to check it out for me to see how the quality and sound was. He said he would be glad to do it because he had heard alot about Gliga instruments , and was very interested in finding out for himself . I didn't mention to him how much I had payed for the instrument, I left it with him and returned the next day. He said the overall build of it was very good but the the top of it was alittle thicker (wood) than it should be, he said the sound was quite good. I asked him how much he thought the instrument was worth he said around $500-600.00 dollars, he was very surprised when I told him how much I had payed for it.
I've recently upgraded to the gama model, I would sell you my genial violin but its a left handed instrument.
I've spent many-many hours (month) researching affordable models and am so glad I went with the gliga, I wouldn't buy anything from anywhere else.
You won't be disappointed I promise you that, even for a $258.00 instrument its a very high quality (good looking too!)
I hope this helps you (long winded)


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