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Posted by lucasmg


I've been looking for a new bow, for a month now, because I want to improve my skills and I feel my bow is holding me back, so I started looking for a new bow, and I've been reading reviews about the CF bows, so I would appreciate your thoughts on these bows.

Codabow NX, Codabow SX, JonPaul Bravo, JonPaul Arpege.

I'm from Colombia, and we don't have the opportunity to test it before buying and the bows that are on sale are very low end bow, so I'm thinking on buying online and I've been playing for a year now.


Re: Bow Hunt    17:20 on Saturday, July 01, 2017          

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Some businesses offer in home trials so you don't have to buy the bow outright. I would recommend trying the bow first before purchasing because every bow is slightly different. Every bow will have a slightly different balance and weight which will determine how it will feel. How it feels is crucial to you feeling comfortable with the bow and for you to get the sound, tone, and dynamic that you're going for as a player.

I have always been partial to real wood bows, mainly because whenever I have tried a carbon bow I have found that there is a slight "hissing" sound (some might say "mechanical" sound. They do feel and play great, but you'll want to try it first to see if that particular bow has that sound or not. As to the particular brands that you have asked about, I have not tried those so I cannot give any advice with them. Hope this helps in your search.


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