I am confused

I am confused    09:21 on Thursday, January 21, 2021          

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Posted by Jackston

I was willing to buy a new shoulder rest for my viola. I found this article on the internet and confused, cause all of them look pretty nice. Any suggestions?

Re: I am confused    11:46 on Sunday, February 28, 2021          

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Posted by nsrayfield

The Kun is a very popular one. I've had one and used it for years. One con mentioned was that parts would fall off? I never had anything fall off. There are two little screw knobs that allow you to adjust. I would usually manually tighten those every once in a while - usually when the feet started feeling a smidge loose.

The other one that I think would be a good choice and a favorite among many is the Wolfe Forte. I've not tried one, but if I was looking into trying another rest, I would try that.

I would not get collapsible rests - as they are more prone to getting too loose or wobbly.

I always had a music bag with my music so I threw my rest in there. Very easy to do.

Good luck with your search. Oh, one more thing, if you get them on amazon and you have amazon prime, returning one, or both of them is free, usually

BTW, the one I'm using now, my husband made it for me. You can't beat a custom made rest :-) :-)


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