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Posted by theshepianist

Hey, I was just wondering how long it takes most people to get a really nice tone on viola?
So far the technical side of songs is quite easy.. but it sounds rubbish without a good tone! Any tips for improvement, or does it just take time and practise?

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Posted by davisal771

time and practice. However, try to hold the fingers tighter on the note, and dont press very hard on the bow. that should help a bit

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Posted by stringz46

I agree, practice and time are essential for a good tone. But keep in mind, good tones come quicker if you feel the music more than read the music.
I also have some tips:
-play confidently (have a firm hold of the bow, but not too tight and play closer to the bride)
-if you can, use vibrato
-play with expression
-make sure your hands are loose but have firm control.
-to improve your C string specifically, switch the C and G string tuning pegs around so the C is on the 3rd peg back and the g is on the 1st. Depending on the viola, several players think that the extra tension on the C string helps it sound richer. My teacher uses this technique and suggested it to me. It does wonders!


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