FOR SALE: Andreas Eastman 16" Professional Viola

FOR SALE: Andreas Eastman 16" Professional Viola

FOR SALE: Andreas Eastman 16" Professional Viola    14:33 on Monday, October 31, 2011          

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Posted by jareds270

For Sale is an Andreas Eastman VA805 16" Viola. This discontinued model was an extremely high end model hand-made by the luthiers in Andreas Eastman's shop. This instrument has flamed tone-wood on the side, back, neck, and scroll, and has perfect grain along the front with a beautiful aged finish. Giannaviolins sells the model below and above this viola at $2290 and $3090 according to the link below, and I happen to know this viola was $2500 when originally purchased. This viola is not just a first step up instrument for a student, it is the only step up they will ever have to make, as this instrument could take anyone through high school, college, and even into a professional career. The viola comes with a professional hard case and pernambuco bow. It is a 2006 viola(top of the line instruments only get better with age), and it has only been played a few times because the player moved away. I live in central CT, so if you're nearby you can come and try it out, but if not I would be willing to ship it to the right buyer.

I can send you pictures if you'd like. I'm not entirely sure how to post them here. I am selling this viola for a limited time for $1400 because I need the money. Thats about 1/2 the original price! Don't let go of this deal!

Re: FOR SALE: Andreas Eastman 16 Professional Viola    17:17 on Monday, November 14, 2011          

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Posted by Dojo

Hi --was checking to see if your viola was still for sale and if so, would you be able to email me some pictures?


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