looking into playing the cello

looking into playing the cello

looking into playing the cello    09:23 on Wednesday, November 21, 2007          

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Posted by xanderola

ok I currently play the viola and have been playing for almost 3 years.
I love the sound of Cellos,whenever my "cello buddy" packs up his cello at the end of class, i have to play it first.
i can play the viola pretty well, I am in a school orchestra and i would say i am more advance than the people in my orchestra.
I dont know if anyone has All region orch. try-outs, but it's a tryout between about a thousand people and 40 people make it.I made 3rd...

any way i was wondering if any one else had played another string instrument and switched to cello.
Was it hard reading bass clef? is t hard getting used holding it in your knees?

If you have any advice or tips plz tell me!


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