New Book, Cello Chords, an exploration of Harmony on the Cello

New Book, Cello Chords, an exploration of Harmony on the Cello

New Book, Cello Chords, an exploration of Harmony on the Cello    15:38 on Monday, September 05, 2011          

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Hey guys, I'm Bryan Wilson, I'm a cellist/composer/comedian and I recently just published a book called, Cello Chords, which is a guide to harmony on the cello. It goes through 11 different chord types in all 12 keys and is perfect for exploring all different genres of music on the cello. You can purchase the book at my website: or if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at Below I have attached the book's official press release, if you are interested in that sort of thing. Thanks guys and keep on playing!



Bryan Wilson

1053 Oakland Court

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Phone: 201-906-6934

New Book Cello Chords An Innovative Look At Cello Harmony
To Go on Sale Monday, August 22nd

Cellists Can Finally Live in Harmony

New York, NY - The cello is world renowned for its beautiful melodicism, but its role as a harmonic instrument has remained largely untapped. Until now.

Cello Chords, written by cellist, composer, comedian, and author Bryan Wilson, is the perfect reference for the modern cellist and the first book ever to cover 11 different chord types in all 12 keys on the cello. The book details everything from simple Major and Minor Chords, to Augmented Major 7ths and Half Diminished. Cello Chords, which goes on sale Monday, August 22nd, can be purchased online by visiting

Cellists who are looking for a fresh way to play an A Minor 7th will find 28 unique variations on that one chord. With intuitive categorization and suggested fingerings for every chord, Cello Chords makes finding new harmonic possibilities on the cello easy.

"This highly informative and comprehensive study of Cello Chords will be a great asset to any cellist regardless of their level and genre. This type of book has been long overdue and will be a great resource of information for all cellists," said Tómas Ulrich, New York jazz cellist-composer and leader of Tómas Ulrich’s Cargo Cult.

The cello continues to increase in popularity in a growing number of musical styles. Cello Chords provides the quintessential harmonic reference for cellists interested in all genres of music from rock, pop, and classical, to jazz and improvisation. Composers looking to expand the cello repertoire will also find this a handy reference.

“Cello Chords is a unique resource with the depth to inspire a wealth of new compositions for the cello that capitalize on the instrument’s rich harmonic capabilities. Cellists and composers alike will find something new and exciting in this book,” said world-renowned cellist and California Institute of the Arts professor Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick.

For those interested in harmony on the cello, look no further than Cello Chords.

About Bryan Wilson

Bryan Wilson, a native of Teaneck, NJ, is a rising cellist, composer, and comedian, who has performed in comedy clubs in New York and Los Angeles. A graduate of the California Institute of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cello Performance and Music Composition, his education allowed him to create a unique voice as a cellist, composer, and comedian. As a composer, Bryan draws upon many influences, including classical, hip-hop, rock, jazz, techno, pop, and improvisation. His compositions often feature the cello singing soulful melodies over roaring synthesizers and hard-hitting drumbeats. As a cellist, Bryan has experience playing and improvising in a variety of musical situations, everything from Joseph Haydn to Bulgarian funk music. For more information on the author, please visit his website at


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