New member - Plans needed

New member - Plans needed

New member - Plans needed    08:07 on Friday, July 06, 2012          

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Posted by JamesRugby

I thought I would introduce my self

My name is James and I live in the UK. I am really new to stringed Instruments and music in general
I have started to learn to play the guitar But I am struggling as I have short fat finger BUT........... its on my bucket list to learn a stringed instrument so I have have gone first to make my electric cello first and then learn to play it.

Last summer I made with my ten year old son a CNC Machine and finished it at Christmas and very soon the forth axis will be finished.

I'm no stranger to wood and a chisel

Tool I have are as follows CNC Machine, chop saw, Band saw, Jig saw, drill press, jointer, Planes electric and hand, thicknesser
many chisels and three of four sanders, also a wood turners lathe, hand drills and many more, the list goes on and on

It would be very foolish of me to expect to make a classic acoustic cello this is why I have gone for a electric cello

I have found plans for a acoustic cello and will use only for size and dimensions as this is the kind if instrument I would like to make a similar to this

I also adore this song

Now I've printed my plans out and found them extremely weak on dimensions with no scaling so I'm asking for advice on what to do next I'm not expecting a free hand out I'm willing to pay for them. After I've made one cello for my self I'm going to make two more and give them to my son's school where they have a excellent music department. It's my strong belief that all children learn to play a musical instrument and my son plays the recorder, clarinet and guitar

I would welcome guidance and your views


Re: New member - Plans needed    13:48 on Sunday, August 19, 2012          

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Posted by hegyhati

Hi! Now I understand more, what Your other topic was about. Anyway, if I understand well, You are looking for the specific sizes used for an electric cello. I don't really konw if making an electric cello needs further insight into musical instrument makinb, but in any case. I have an e-callo, that YOu can partially see on this video:

Or here is a photo:

If I can help by measuring some parts, let me know, I'm happy to help.


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