Cello and Guitar duet

Cello and Guitar duet

Cello and Guitar duet    14:33 on Wednesday, February 18, 2004          
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If you want, go to this Classical Guitar Forum to listen to an mp3 of a cello & guitar duet my niece and I did (she`s the cellist). When you get there, go to upload/download files, and then to view/download files. Look for Cello/Guitar duet. It`s a Nocturne by Burguller. It turned out pretty nice.

Re: Cello and Guitar duet    21:48 on Tuesday, September 20, 2005          
(jessica and stephen)
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hi my uncle plays the guitar and i play the cello we thought it was such a cool thing that you also played music with your niece. just thought you would wont to know you are not the only ones!!!

Re: Cello and Guitar duet    00:52 on Wednesday, September 21, 2005          
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Hi I tried your files but when I got to the download files it said none were there.
Have you heard of a pro team called acoustic-eidolon? They are a husband and wife team. He plays a special guitar with two necks and she plays cello. They are quite fantastic. I went with my wife to one of their concerts. You can look up their web site at http://www.acousticeidolon.com/frameset.html
Both necks of his guitar (he calls it a Gitjo) have seven strings. One neck is tuned like a guitar and the other like a 5 string banjo with two extra strings.
I have done duets with a flute and also with another cellist, and also a vocalist but I haven`t tried one with a guitar yet.
The flute a cello really sound nice together. Keep up the good work.


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