Do i Need a Bass Amp?

Do i Need a Bass Amp?

Do i Need a Bass Amp?    06:23 on Sunday, November 16, 2008          

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Posted by That_Sax_Kid

Hello, i have just bought a bass guitar but i do not have a working bass amp but i do have a normal amp. Is it possible to use my normal amp to play my bass?

Re: Do i Need a Bass Amp?    13:17 on Monday, November 17, 2008          

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Posted by pblanc

I just did the same. Hopefully others will chime in. I will pass on what I was told.

The typical combo amp for electric guitar is not too well-suited for bass guitar for a couple of reasons. First, many are open-backed and therefore don't reproduce frequencies below 100 Hz or so very well. Second, the type of speaker in most guitar amps doesn't have a low enough frequency response to do justice to bass guitar, and can even have its voice coil burned out by playing bass guitar at volume. The low frequencies of bass guitar also require more power to reproduce than a lot of smaller guitar combo amps have.

Having said that, I think if you keep the volume down and realize that notes played on your low e-string are not going to sound too great, you can probaby use your guitar amp for practice, at least for starters.

Re: Do i Need a Bass Amp?    19:21 on Wednesday, December 17, 2008          

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Posted by PADAlt

I completely concur with the above posted response. I had to learn this lesson the hard way when i made the switch from Six-string to bass. I burnt my coil out during a small performance in church, and had to keep playing with a semi-hollow bass, amongst amplified instruments 0_0. So yes, i strongly reccomend you buy a bass amp.

Re: Do i Need a Bass Amp?    11:35 on Thursday, January 15, 2009          

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Posted by Spowell8787

No you dont need one, but your bass will sound better on a bass amp.
Sometimes when I dont want to carry my fairly large 20 watt peavey amp to practice I bring my tiny 10 watt Esteban guitar amp, it works fine, but you dont get those lows. I say if you are just starting out then go ahead and use your guitar amp for now but later invest in a bass amp once you want to start playing with other people.

Re: Do i Need a Bass Amp?    08:55 on Sunday, February 15, 2009          

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Posted by beeran

It's physically possible to play with a guitar amp, yes, but I highly recommend getting a bass amp. It will sound better, and hence encourage you to practice harder

Even a practice headphone amp will sound a lot better, and won't annoy your neighbours - and they're much cheaper than a bass amp.

something along these lines (I've never used this one personally, but its probably better than a guitar amp):

If you're going to play along with other musicians, a bass amp is a must to get the bassy low end, as mentioned above!

Good luck!


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