What on earth is all this?

What on earth is all this?

What on earth is all this?    07:12 on Tuesday, December 23, 2003          
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I`m a complete beginner at bass, so much a beginner in fact, that i dont even have one yet! And the following question will probably make you all choke on your digestives in your tea, but I`m going to ask you anyway. What do need to play bass? I really like the George Benson, Bill Withers kind of bass lines, (you know when you first start an instrument, you hear a sound and you want to copy it) so i decided on an electric jazz bass, and have chosen one. so thats sorted. But amps and stuff. And Pick-ups?! What the hell are these?! so long story cut short, this is my first electric instrument, so what do i need to play the thing?! Thanks for all your help,
Becky.x (England)

Re: What on earth is all this?    23:58 on Sunday, December 28, 2003          
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I did have to read your post a few times to make sure I wasn`t immagining a nieve question, but I find myself asking a simpleton`s question now and then. But I managed not to choke... too much.

I`m somewhat of a beginner too (2 years under my belt), but I do know some things. For an amp, it depends on what you need. You could get some small thing for $150 with 15 watts as a practice amp... or 100 watts for more like $300 to $500 if you are thinking of playing in a club. Mabey even a cabnet and a head for $1,000 if your luckey.

A quick word about buying in general: NEVER buy from Rouge. Their quality is just as low as their prices if not lower. Thankfully, I haven`t fallen victom to them, but a friend of a friend did, and it wasn`t pretty.

Pick-ups: the backbone of electrical instuments. As you might know, they are the black (sometimes white or tan) little blocks that come in a variety of size and arrangement underneath the strings on the body. With the electricity from either the amp or batteries in the back in the case of active pick-ups, the pick-ups become magnetic and have an area of influence that is just far enough to engulf the strings... or something like that. When you pluck the string, it vibrates at some frequency and the pickup`s electrical feild is disrupted by the string`s vibration. That disturbance is then transfered through the cable to the amp which then emmits that frequency as what you hear as a note. I think that`s how it goes.

Also, if you`re planning on playing bass and sticking with it, you will more than deffinitly get a callouse on your plucking finger(s). It may take several weeks, mabey even a month to build up a callouse suitable for playing. In the time before, you will experience lots of pain, agony, and blisters. Later, you might also get callouses on your fretting fingers (fingerst used to press on the strings).

Well I hope that didn`t bore you too much, I hope it helped, and I hope that it`s right.

-Best wishes!

Re: What on earth is all this?    18:18 on Friday, January 30, 2004          
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hi. although i havent been playing bass for too long (about 5 years) i consider myself somewhatof a vetran and i have progressded to a beautiful 5 string with a nice big 100watt SWR amp. But bragging aside, i learnt bass on a tanglewood viola bass (a copy of paul McCartneys bass). I would strongly disourage such a bass for beginners, as retro instruments like that are very limited. go for either epiphone for novelty, peavy for value for money, or squier for a jazz bass style like you mentioned. However, if you are on the thightest of budgets, i hate to say it, but go for either an encore or a stagg [shudders at the name].
As far as amps go, i started on a Kustom 10 watt amp (KBA10) and found it more than adequate and great value for money.
when you feel you are ready to progress to a better bass, id suggest peavy for a middle of the range bass that offers great value for money (i play a peavy myself), or possibly a spector. top range basses include Rickenbacker and Hofner. However, i would give up a dozen of each of these for a Warwick. gfor the money, you just cant wish for any better. for double the price it would still be a great bargain and it is mydream to posess a warwick 5 string thumb bass.
hope i was some help

Re: What on earth is all this?    08:00 on Wednesday, February 25, 2004          
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Alright. If you are serious about the bass and can afford it, buy a really beautiful expensive bass. But for you, since your a beginner, buy a cheap bundle that comes with an amp and a bass. I`ve been playing on a First Act for less than a year (I love the sound, even if it`s a very cheap bass). But start cheap, and when you get really good, get a really good one. By the way, when you get one, go to a music store or bookstore and find a book called The Bass Player Bokk. It`s the best book for bass theory and beginners I`ve ever read. Hope this will help you out. Bye!

Re: What on earth is all this?    11:38 on Monday, April 05, 2004          
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Also, if it hurts too much but you wanna play anyway, you cancheat by putting superglue on your fingertips. It`s like callus in a tube!

Re: What on earth is all this?    23:23 on Friday, June 04, 2004          
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I`ve been playing bass for about 5 years going on 6. im 16, and bass is cool, im glad that you want to take playin bass seriously. for you as a beginner. i`d go w/ either a bass gig pack, or get something simple, like an Ibnaze or a Carlos Robelli (....not a good jazz guitar maker but they are decent bass builders). then once you get better as playin bass. find a bass that fits you!

Good Luck


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