Ibanez RG8670 TV Stolen!

Ibanez RG8670 TV Stolen!

Ibanez RG8670 TV Stolen!    02:11 on Monday, December 26, 2005          
(Garrett Smith)
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Date: December 25, 2005.

Location: 2029 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94087

Serial Number (located on back of headstock): 44072

The Ibanez RG8670 is a J-Custom guitar, handmade in Ibanez Japan custom shop. I worked hard to earn the money to buy it. Cost at time of purchase: About $1700. Currently, the RG8670 it is out of production and collectible. Mine is in excellent condition.

The current value of this guitar is $2400-$2800.
[Ibanez RG8670 TV. J-Custom guitar, made in Japan Custom Shop. ]
Also Stolen

* 19" Samsung LCD monitor
* Tony Hawk Birdhouse skateboard
* $1000 in CD`s, including Megadeth, Pantera, G`n R, Mr. Big. Mostly rock and metal, but some classical music. At least 200 CDs (uncounted).
* Car opener/alarm remote
* Phone charger

Total loss: about $4300, but the guitar is irreplaceable. This model of guitar is hand-made, so there are minute differences between each one. I was lucky enough to get two of these rare guitars), and the one that was stolen has better Harmonics and better craftmanship. It is just incredible. The best guitar I have ever played. Maybe it`s the wood grains or something, but that guitar in particular is exceptional, even for J-Customs. I loved it and babied of it. It is a huge loss for me.

If you have any information about the guitar, please call 510 495 4093.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
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Re: Ibanez RG8670 TV Stolen!    11:53 on Sunday, January 01, 2006          
(Briana Tremone)
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Hi Garret,
I`ve got your guitar. My friend John has been looking for a guitar (for a friend of mine who had his stolen), and he recognized the high quality of the Ibanez, combined with a low price, and bought it immediately.
We called your number a couple of times, but you`re probably still sleeping off the New Year`s celebrations...
You can email me back or call the number on your answering machine.
Come pick it up in Oakland, no charge. Happy New Year!


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