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Takes on this brand    14:08 on Thursday, April 6, 2006          

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Posted by RadG

I am relatively new to guitars and was wondering what a good entry-level/inexpensive acoustic guitar would be. I have seen Kona on some websites but haven't heard much about them. I have also looked at some sites that have Dean, Fender, Yamaha, and Washburn that would be in my price range. These later brands I have heard of and know to be fairly good. What is everyone's opinion on these brands especially Kona.

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Posted by BostonROCK51

baseline quality on budget guitars is better now than it has ever been. I suggest you MAKE SURE it has good intonation, or no amount of tuning will make it sound right. Beyond that, use good strings and buy a guitar YOU like, not what the store is pushing, not what you see Joey or Kate use, one you like.

Size is important. I have an antique Framus dreadnaught, great sound, and I also have a 3/4 size electric hollowbody with a skinny little neck. I have to trim my fingernails to nothing to fit my (not so big) fingers on the fretboard.

As far as the specific brand you mention? Never heard of it, but if YOU like the sound, if it plays well for you, buy it. It's really hard to go wrong. Believe me, you could probably get a much better used guitar for the same money, but it's a harder search, esp if your in the middle of nowhere.

Good luck!

Re: Takes on this brand    19:13 on Friday, September 22, 2006          

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Posted by z07

I've never seen a Kona. However, the reviews at this site (http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/brand/Kona) are brutal to the brand. As stated above, take $100 cash into a store and see what used guitars are available. Don't be put off by the price that is marked on them. In moderation, one can normally figure on 15%-30% wiggle room on the marked price of a used guitar especially if one is holding cash. If they wont move on the price try for a beginer book, stand, tuner, and some good strings as throw-ins.


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