Debussy Arabesque no.1

Debussy Arabesque no.1

Debussy Arabesque no.1    17:09 on Monday, August 28, 2006          

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Posted by doctorprozac

Hi folks! I'm trying to perform Debussy's arabesque no.1 in guitar. Hard job for one guitar and without changing tunning. I would have to delete some notes but hope will sound good at last. Has anyone some tablature about that piece? would help me a lot...

Re: Debussy Arabesque no.1    13:14 on Tuesday, August 29, 2006          

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Posted by Piano_Princess

I haven't got anything sorry....I would suggest trying , as they usually have lots of tabs of there, but I've just checked for you, and there doesn't seem to be anything....

Sorry I wasn't much help...and good luck in finding something - Arabesque is a beautiful piece...I'm learning it on the Piano.

Love Laura


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