Dost thou cognize?

Dost thou cognize?

Dost thou cognize?    08:16 on Sunday, July 08, 2007          

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Posted by Mykhal

A lady bug crawls up your beautiful classical baby, you stop your beautiful playing to examine its beauty. Leaning over, your chest lightly presses up against the base of the guitar, just below the bridge... Then you hear a snap, the sound of your baby breaking some unknown internal vital organ and in your haste the lady bug is squashed, its beauty now slowly trickling down that hot sidewalk from which it came from... What the !****! did I break? Actually it has been a solid 3 weeks or so since this happened and it plays fine, there were a FEW and by a few, I mean probably about 3 miniscule wood chips that fell out of her... So after taking her to a repairman, he could find nothing wrong with her... It's like dropping your newborn on her head and then the doc is like "Hm, looks fine!" What a relief but really... One day, will that just come and bite me in the ass when the humidity starts to drop? I'm crossing my fingers that the wood just flexed but I came on here to ask if anyone has done anything similar to that or if you know what I may have heard! I'm going to go hunt those damned lady bugs now...

Re: Dost thou cognize?    15:45 on Wednesday, July 11, 2007          

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Posted by gongargongar

Hmm. Maybe you should sell it while it still works, then purchase a new one with the earnings. Then it becomes someone elses problem. They're bound to have a problem sometime, you might as well speed the process

Re: Dost thou cognize?    01:55 on Saturday, July 14, 2007          

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Posted by bukowski

how odd...not really got any advice for you i'm afriad and i have no idea what you did, but another breakage story... 2 nights ago i proped my beautiful (why is everyones own guitar so beautiful to them?) jim harley up against the wall to get my bob dylan face mask (harmonica holder) i turned my back and suddenly heared a kerchung...Every guitarist knows the sound i mean!!! anyway extent of the broken machien head could have been much worse. good luck with locating your problem.

jamjar jacob

Re: Dost thou cognize?    14:03 on Monday, July 16, 2007          

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Posted by NVaungh

It was most likely a glue joint they are glued to gether with no other support some times they make little noises under temperature change but they are easy to repair or restore so I would not worry about it

Re: Dost thou cognize?    07:00 on Sunday, July 22, 2007          

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Posted by Mykhal

Hey thanks... I'm not too worried about it since it has been playing fine. The advice about selling it while it still works is just delightfully dirty but I don't think I would do that since I'm almost certain that it's a minor problem, if at all one. I guess the logical next step would be to stick a mirror in there myself and see if I can find anything but it might be not even worth the trouble. Damn lady bugs.


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