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Ventura guitars    18:11 on Saturday, January 29, 2005          
(Graham Metcalf)
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The "Ventura" guitar.

I bought an acoustic guitar in about 1970 to learn fingerpicking. It was new and had the name "The Hawk" as a gold transfer on the head. I played this guitar alongside my Fender for several years in the band "Ventura Highway", a name I suggested after listening to a song of that name by the band America. When my "Hawk" guitar started to look a bit careworn, I decided to give it a facelift. I removed the awful plastic woodgrain effect scratchplate and gave the soundboard a scraping to remove some deep scratches, and to thin the top hopefully to get a better tone. At the same time I scraped off the "Hawk" transfer, simply because I didn`t like the name, and would rather have had a guitar with no name. As I scraped off the transfer, I removed part of the top layer of black paint on the front of the head. Imagine my amazement when I discovered under the paint a name, inlaid in mother-of-pearl.

The name was "Ventura", the same name I had thought of for my band.

Ventura- a short history    18:54 on Saturday, January 29, 2005          
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As stated in my previous post, Ventura`s were imported in the early 70`s By C Bruno of New York. They made superb copies of the entire Gibson line, including Les Pauls, ES-175`s and the flying V. Ventura then became the first victim of many that Gibson would sue over "look a likes". The Ventura line has some of the best `undiscovered" guitars around. As more people discover them, the prices will go through the roof. C Bruno is still in the Music biz in the Atlanta area. Maybe they would have more info.

My V-13    22:41 on Monday, January 31, 2005          
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In the middle of 7th grade I began taking guitar lessons. In 9th grade, I was rummaging through my grandmother`s closet when I stumbled upon a decrepit guitar case. When i took it out, i saw one of the coolest looking V-13 (or any other, for that matter) guitars I had ever laid my eyes on. My grandmother was equally surprised to see it, as it was the first time she had seen it either. We promptly inferred consequently that it was a ghost guitar, and contemplated burning it, smashing it, defenistrating it, or simply blowing it up. We finally figured it would be easier to let me take it home, and practice with it. The sound would be brilliant, were it not for a bridge that had been yanked a good 1/2 inch up from where it should have been; on a level plane with the rest of the guitar. Being a 9th grader, and very monetarily impared, i decided to do a little research before deciding whether to fix it up or refer to the alternative possibilities discussed previously. I might as well not have done research, because as I saw, there was NOTHING on my V-13. I decided that rotting in my closet until information surfaced wouldn`t be incredibly different from this guitar`s recent past, so I didn`t lose sleep over mistreating this guitar. When I found out that this guitar has sound comparable to it`s gorgeous exterior, I took it out of my closet, retuned it, got some new strings, took it out to dinner, and asked it to marry me.

Since everyone`s commenting on the brilliant sound (and im starting to see fossils of why), I guess it might be worth the $100,000 it will take to get it fixed up. I figure, it might be the best thing I may get a chance to strum on casually for quite some time.

Catalog    01:34 on Tuesday, February 1, 2005          
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If anyone ever runs across a Ventura catalog they could make a small fortune. I`d buy a copy in a heartbeat. Just take it Kinko`s. Price List would be a added benefit. I wonder if CF Bruno might have one.

ventura info    01:38 on Tuesday, February 1, 2005          
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you can find a catalouge as well as some info on venturas

Comments Website    14:37 on Tuesday, February 1, 2005          
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Take a look at this site for a few owner`s reviews of some Venturas. I myself am trying to get my hands on a 1970s V-14 in the near future. I`ve only heard good things.

V-14    22:30 on Tuesday, February 8, 2005          
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I was lucky enough to get a V-14 in great condition of ebay for $89.00 shipped! Even came with a case. Now I have a 6 stringer to keep my V-16 12 company. I have been playing 30+ years and amazed how good these "buget" Venturas sound. These guitars are awesome!

Ventura V-13    09:52 on Tuesday, February 15, 2005          
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I bought a used Ventura Bruno V-13, Ser.#46716 in the early 70`s for about $120 with a very nice plush hard shell case. I`ve been told the case is probably worth more than the guitar. Anyway, the guitar, like Rob above stated is a beautiful instrument. Mine is a deep cherry color with a sunburst. I think I have changed strings on it about three or four times in the 30+ years I`ve had it. It is still as beautiful as the day I bought it and sounds as good too. Though I have not loosened the tension on the strings when it has sat for long periods of time, the neck has never warped in the least, it takes just a feather touch on the strings. I had thought about putting my 12 string Takamine in the case since the one I have for it is much cheaper, but then I look at the Ventura and it goes right back in it`s plush home. And actually, inside my guitar, it was stamped as being a "Second" probably because one of the braces on the bottom must have cracked and it was glued, I would imagine ath the factory. But, 30+ years later, it still is a great guitar, regardless of the value. Wouldn`t get rid of it except for some real money!!!

Ventura V-6    16:57 on Saturday, February 19, 2005          
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I recently purchased a Ventura V-6 6-string acoustic and I love it. Sounds beautiful, has a few dents, but its probably over 30 years old. Very nice instrutment. I picked it up for $150 but the shipping killed me. Anyway, I think the quality of the guitar makes it worth more than I bought it for. I reccommend the Ventura name to any guitarist.

Ventura Guitar    09:27 on Friday, March 25, 2005          
(Barry Scholles)
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I was fortunate enough to get a Ventura guitar in 1975. Over the years I have had many sets of strings on it and the guitar has always sounded very, very good. I would stack it up against any Gibson.

My last several sets of strings however, have been by Martin. I can honestly tell you that anyone who thinks excellent quality strings don`t make a guitar sound better is kidding themselves.

The Martin strings make this $75.00 guitar sound like a $3000 model!

Barry Scholles

Ventura v-16 ser # 31291    12:04 on Sunday, March 27, 2005          
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My Grandfather gave me my V-16 in 1976. Wonderful sound, 12 strings of pure harmonics. My Uncle has all of the Martins of old and he swears my old V-16 sounds every bit as good and in some instances "better"!

I love my Grandfather who has past away and thank him for my guitar!

ventura bruno royal artist model 1600F    19:24 on Monday, March 28, 2005          
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guys, what do i have here? i can`t find ANY info on this rig anywhere!

nylon strings, the peghead is bent slightly back with open tuners on the back with the lugs on the front of the head

the bridge is pulling somewhat, causing the belly to fall a little... action is a little high, but does it sound!!!

resonant and crisp...

Re: Ventura Guitar    16:25 on Saturday, April 9, 2005          
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I see all you guys talking about these "V" model guitars from bruno but mine is just model "1588" it is a classical guitar and was left to me by a friend of mine who`s dad gave it to him when he died. The only reason i`m even researching it is because it is obviously a very nice guitar! I think it`s a solid top w/ brazillian rosewood back and sides. my Serial number (12981) seems to be a much lower number than the ones you guys all have so I`m guessing that it is an older model. I would appreciate any info that could be provided to me via my email. thanks. p.s. this thing is incredibally resonant.

Another Ventura Owner    21:29 on Friday, April 15, 2005          
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I have a V-8 six string ser#47471 and a 12 stringer that I can`t read the model number on, ser#50544.

I added a Fishman to the six stringer and the 12 stringer has been modified with a movable bridge and suspension tail piece. Both are great players that also sound great.

How much for Ventura 1588 now?    16:44 on Thursday, April 21, 2005          
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How much does it cost to buy a Ventura 1588 Classical guitar (used)?


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