CAN ANY ONE HELP..    02:24 on Friday, June 19, 2009          

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Posted by rachelanne

Ha guys,

i've been looking for the guitar tabs of this song for ages! Its called The Storybook Love, its from the movie Princes Bride a movie made in 1987.

If any one here has seen the movie, they'll know the tune i'm talking about the one at the beginning of the movie and throughout the movie.
PLEASE email me on my email if you have any idea where i could get the tabs of the song.

Also has any one see the youtube video of Dolly Parton, when she is quite young, playing the classical guitar and singing her song called 'My Coat of Many Colors'?
I play the classical guitar and I'm trying to learn the song the way Dolly plays it in the video. Can any one please help me!!!!!

(I have something coming up and I need to know these two songs, if possible, for the occasion.)

Thank you every one, from Rachel
P.S. PLEASE reply if you can help me at all. thanks


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