Guitars in Recession?

Guitars in Recession?

Guitars in Recession?    21:35 on Sunday, July 18, 2010          

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Posted by trswebmaster

Hey everyone. I recently opened an online musical instrument store. I'll omit the link because I don't want this to be a sales pitch (although, if you want the link, feel free to ask). I've been going through quite a few other music forums and asking why I'm not getting any traffic and further more why folks that are coming to my site aren't purchasing anything. The general response is that the music industry is hurting as a whole. Apparently the recession has turned musical instruments into a luxury item. Granted that it's not something that is required to live, but definately something that would be highly rated in the "want" category. Would you all agree that the recession has hit us in the music field as hard as other industries?



Re: Guitars in Recession?    09:16 on Tuesday, August 03, 2010          

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Posted by bigbry007

Hi Greg, caught your ad!! yeah with Craigs list,Ebay and with Pawn shopps, id say you have a very soft market for resale of musical equipment. I have been playing and dealing with equipment for almost 40 years plus and I never saw till now what you can get and what you pay for it! Take the Fender Squire, this guitar sell new around 100 to 120.00, I can buy them all day for 50 to 60 dollars and what makes the matter even more touchy, is that these guitars are killers and sound great thru good amps!Go figure, for 50 bucks you can get a great sounding guitar! I have played everything and it is amazin on whats going down now! anyways, great deals on Cl list!all the time!

anys good luck and hope it gets off the ground!



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