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Sooo I've had an acoustic for almost a year, and I'm just now getting serious about learning it because I actually have time now. What are some tips for beginners? My main issues are finger placement for strumming chords and strumming the middle strings. How did most of you start off playing? I've found an issue with strumming the wrong strings so I place the guitar flat a lot of times. Is there a way to avoid this? One of my friends suggested a smaller guitar, but I can't afford that. Also does the length of nails affect playing?

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Posted by Scotch

Yes, the length of the nails does affect playing. The left-hand nails should be very short, such that only flesh touches the string. The length of the right-hand nails depends on the style: Most modern classical players pluck with their nails for a louder, crisper attack (rather like a plectrum) and shape them carefully. Keeping your right-hand nails short and plucking with the flesh will give you a softer, more mellow sound. In neither case should the right-hand nails be extremely long.

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Posted by treyl

The length of the nails will make playing more difficult. I would suggest learning the basic chords like the C,G,and D. If you want to learn some songs that you enjoy listening too then find some tabs and spend a about an our or so a day practicing. Scales also are a great way to get better at licks and riffs if that's your thing. Try the 5 pentatonic scale positions. These will for sure help your playing and getting used to the fret board. If you want guitar pro i can send it to you via email for free. just drop me a message and ill email it to you.

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Thanks for the advice! I've definitely noticed a difference when I cut my nails. Still having a little difficulty with finger placement, but not as much

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Posted by Hen8

I am thinking about starting guitar. This was helpful!

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Posted by Ciera

Being a bass player and guitar player, I generally keep my fingernails trimmed as short as possible. I don't like the sound I get when my left hand nails are too long because they hit surrounding strings and make that gross vibrating sound. Just keep em all short.


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