Mephisto Waltz

Mephisto Waltz

Mephisto Waltz    19:40 on Thursday, May 29, 2003          
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I have a tiny problem. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Liszt`s Mephisto Waltz, and I`ve wanted to learn it for a long time.
The problem is that it`s incredibly hard. Give it a listen and you`ll see what I mean...
Has anyone actually played this piece? If yes, then how long did it take you to learn it?
I consider myself to be semi-good at piano. Although I`ve finished music school, I doubt the fact that I`m truly good (I can play Haydn`s sonata n.7 (d major) - the first and second parts, a few things by Chopin and Etude no.20 of Czerny`s (opus 740) - this is what I`d played at my exam.)
Anyone? Please?

Re: Mephisto Waltz    15:45 on Tuesday, June 03, 2003          
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hey olga... don`t worry... i`m not that good pianist i`m still learning but i have my time playing... only that i had too many teachers and i didn`t spend the right time to get the technique and always began from 0. but i know too many literature in music.... and youre right!!! that waltz is truly hard with time it`ll come don`t quit... but about your repertoire... yep... more difficult... i think it`s a pro piece... it`s difficulty is not usual... being liszt... its to clear the lines... so, a little mistake and OOPS! easy to hear... but i love that piece... i have the sheets and read them... i wish you luck... hey!!! i suppouse youre talking about the first one right... nah... the other is very difficult too... don`t quit!!! its a great piece!!! also the sonata in Bminor... but that is worse!!!


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