Jazz Piano - Christmas Music...

Jazz Piano - Christmas Music...

Jazz Piano - Christmas Music...    15:42 on Sunday, November 25, 2007          

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Does anyone know of any really good jazzy arrangements (slow, sentimental, romantic ones) of Christmas songs? Something that you might hear in the background at a cafe or restaurant?


Actually, after a little more searching, I found two books that appealed to me: The Vince Guaraldi Collection (as well as the Charlie Brown Christmas book) and Dave Brubeck Christmas selections. If anyone still has suggestions, I'd appreciate any.

Re: Jazz Piano - Christmas Music...    06:29 on Monday, November 26, 2007          


I think this is just about exactly what you're looking for:


These are a few others I have in my collection:
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Songbook)
A cool Yule - Ten Jazzy Christmas songs (Songbook)
A Dave Brubeck Christmas (Songbook)
Christmas Jazz for piano (Songbook)
Jazz at Christmas (Songbook)
Jazz up your Christmas (Songbook)
Jingle Jazz (Christmas) (Songbook)

If you're still interested, let me know.




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