Chopin Piano Notes

Chopin Piano Notes

Chopin Piano Notes    14:09 on Friday, April 17, 2009          

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Posted by Pianist5

Hi, everyone! I couldn't find piano notes of Chopin's Grand Valse Brilliante. This is the one which I'm talking about.

Please,could someone upload for me here the notes? I would be truly grateful.

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Posted by JOhnlovemusic

Here something that might help.

Frederick Chopin (1810 – 1849)
Chopin is a Polish composer known for his piano works. Chopin’s Waltzes are different than the typical well known Viennese Waltzes by Strauss and others. Why? During the lifetime of Frederick Chopin , the Waltz became very popular, both as a dance and as saloon music. Chopin himself had scorned the Waltz, writing home from Vienna, “They actually call Waltzes works”. And Chopin, as the businessman he was, conceded to calling these waltzes works as well.
The GrandeValse Brillante, Op. 18 is the first Waltz Chopin had published. Although written between 1831-1832, and first performed in 1833 it was not published until 1834. There are 6 other waltzes written before The Grande Valse Brillante, yet none published until later. Chopin went on to write 8 waltzes which were published in his lifetime, 5 numbered waltzes published after his death at the request of his mother and sister, and 4 unnumbered waltzes published post-humously found by friends, researches, and relatives. There are 3 more waiting to be verified. Chopin wrote a total of 20 waltzes for piano.
It might be interesting to some to know that at first Chopin composed most waltzes in minor keys (perhaps because of the negative ‘saloon’ association with them). In the middle they were most all in Major keys, and then he slipped back into minor keys again. His most popular Waltz key is Ab Major.
This particular piece was often used as incidental music in Brazilian overdubbings of Warner Bros. cartoons such as Bugs Bunny. It is also the main musical theme used in the 1952 short The Flying Cat.

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Posted by auroraflame

Hi, do you mean program notes for the piece or merely the sheet music?

Since this is a very famous piece, a quick google search on the piece will yield quite a bit of analysis of the piece already. You could also try including the opus number, Op.18, to get more results if necessary.

If its the sheet music, check on It's an awesome database of public domain sheet music.

Direct link to the sheet music:

Hope this helps!


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